Mycotoxins on cereals over Piedmont region

Risk class indicators of AFLATOXIN development values on common wheat and corn related to climate changes. The dataset has been generated combining the analysis of data collected in the field, the historical data from high-resolution reanalysis, and the predictions of climate scenarios, in order to prevent risks and define adaptation policies.

Data are available for two climate periods: 1991-2020, describing present climate conditions and 2021-2050, describing future climate following RCP8.5 emission scenario.

These indices have been calculated using :

  1. VHR-REA_IT Dynamical Downscaling of ERA5 at daily level with COSMO-CLM

  2. VHR-PRO_IT Downscaling at very fine resolution of COSMO-CLM over Italy from 8km to 2.2km

  3. DON and AFLATOXIN values on common wheat and maize

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